"Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you."

Misty Copeland

I'm fortunate enough to call some people partners and even dear friends. They share my set of values and help me constantly challenging the status quo. Thank you everyone. Let's keep creating amazing things for the greater good!

Glenn Lamming

At the beginning of 2021 Glenn set up his own business to continue his journey of learning and of giving back. The opportunity to make a difference in a social impact context is one of the primary drivers that led him to take this step. The vision of his own work in the future is one in which he helps bridge the gap between free and social impact enterprises, with the desire of making the workplace a better, more human place to be.


This leads to supporting companies in both the for-profit sector, as well as for organizations with a focus on creating a meaningful social impact. This is all done with a focus on agile product development, primarily, although not exclusively in software product centric environments and using Scrum as the framework for enabling individual, team, product, and business agility. He is especially motivated by the people centric approach that the Scrum framework creates, in applying agile principles and values to all our work.

Working closely with teams and individuals as coach and trainer allows him to apply a holistic approach to agile leadership. To help guide him he draws on his own significant experience and time spent in complex product leadership roles. Now, the additional aspects of coaching, mentoring, teaching, and facilitating while engaging with product teams as a change agent, rounds off his profile. His passion for coaching helps him act as guide and navigator as people jointly work towards their own common, shared and most importantly meaningful goals.


For Glenn, a good day is one in which everyone has an opportunity to learn from each other, while giving in an open, honest, and collaborative spirit.


I partner with Glenn to deliver agile training and coaching, with the shared aspirational goal of helping social impact-oriented organizations become more effective.

Johannes Geske

Johannes Geske and I met through Scrum.org, where we are both Professional Scrum Trainers (PST). That's how we realized that we are driven by a common desire to have a positive impact on organizations, people and our planet in our lives.


Johannes started his own agile coaching business in 2013 to help organizations and people create amazing outcomes. To Johannes, outcomes are truly amazing if they create value for businesses, for people and for our environment. When I asked Johannes why this is important to him, he said, "My 4-year old son who changed my view on the world and who I want him to live in a world that is worth living in. He made me realize that we need to stop living at the expense of other people and our planet to solve the biggest threat of our time, the climate crisis, which is both a symptom and the cause of many social, environmental and economical challenges. That is why I focus on organizations committed to working on these challenges."


Johannes’ belief in long-lasting relationships rooted in trust, respect, and commitment led to the founding of Amazing Outcomes in 2019. Amazing Outcomes helps teams and leaders to turn complex challenges into sustainable solutions through agile coaching, agile training and workshops. The agile coaches at Amazing Outcomes practice what they preach by using Scrum and complimentary agile practices to run their company, to develop their services, and for their marketing and recruiting.


nowwork is a social impact company based in Stuttgart, Germany. Its purpose is to create spaces for a sustainable society by enabling organisations to experience collective responsibility here and now.


The core team of nowwork are Tim, Sebastian & Mona. By accompanying companies, associations, administration, and social institutions they support the development of cooperative competencies and structures within their organisations. Commonly this starts with conception and implementation of participative workshops. A next step are trainings for cooperative communication and joint decision making (e.g. sociocracy). Long term projects focus on cooperative organisational development and the implementation of sustainable management practices.


My partnership with nowwork is grounded in the same interest in having a positive impact for the people we work with, the organizations we work for and ultimately for our society and the planet we live on.

Scrum Events

"Scrum Events" is a team of convinced agilists from different companies. We offer a variety of services on the topic of agility, especially with Scrum. This includes among others: Consulting, certification trainings, workshops, audits, coachings and conferences on the topic of "Agile".


An important focus is the support of the Agile transformation of organizations. That means the integration of agility in the environment of an entire company.


Our coaches, trainers and consultants have all been trained by Ken Schwaber and/or Jeff Sutherland, the two inventors of Scrum. We have thus acquired in-depth know how from these two luminaries regarding agility and have been using this knowledge very successfully for over 15 years.


Learn with us first hand what agility and Scrum means and experience how powerful Scrum is as a tool for the path to agility. Together we organize the oldest agile conference in Germany, the Scrum-Day.


In a leading role Scrum-Events is organized by Jean Pierre. He already worked together with Jeff Sutherland in the 1990s at Easel, the company where Jeff "brought Scrum to life".