"You have to train your mind Like you Train your Body"

Caitlyn Jenner

When it comes to acquiring new skills, nothing beats experiencing things for yourself. Therefore you will not witness a lot of purely theoretical input or Powerpoint in my classroom. Be prepared to do a lot of exercises, interactive learning sessions and groupwork. This will lead to knowledge that sticks and is applicable in your everyday work! Most students find that the real learning takes place a couple of days, weeks or even years later and they also benefit long after the training has taken place. This is also the perfect time to get some additional coaching to help you in making further progress.


As a Professional Scrum Trainer with scrum.org I mainly focus on their course curriculum. I am also happy to design customized training for specific areas of knowledge you would like to address. Just get in touch with me so we can take your care of your individual training needs.


Feel free to take a look at what my former students have to say about my work and do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions.

Feedback from former course participants:

The Professional Scrum Master I is the entry-level course for Scrum Masters. It covers the theory behind the Scrum framework as well as how to approach complex problems and working with teams.

The PSM II dives deep into how a Scrum Master can serve the Development Team, the Product Owner and the Organization. Trainers and participants use the wisdom and knowledge of the whole group to do so.

The Applying Professional Scrum is a hands-on course covering the Scrum framework in theory and guides participants through a project to be approached with Scrum.

The Scaled Professional Scrum Course is a immersive course to apply scaling principles for product development with more than one team. We focus on the Nexus framework and how it extends Scrum.


Looking for a customized training to address your individual needs? Let us talk!

The Professional Scrum Product Owner I helps to understand the Scrum framework and theory. You will learn how to develop and sustain products in a complex environment as an agile product manager.

The PSPO-Advanced class explores the stances of Product Ownership and which are preferred. You'll learn about customer focus, hypothesis, value, innovation and hard decisions.

The Professional Scrum with Kanban course takes a closer look on how to apply Kanban principles and practices within the Scrum framework to improve flow and transparency.

The Professional Scrum with User Experience shows possible ways of integrating UX practices and practitioners within Scrum to create valuable products.

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